An Effective PreSurgical Screening Program

An effective screening program eliminates unnecessary preoperative testing and facilitates the assignment of appropriate staff, equipment and room preparation.

Characteristics of an Effective Presurgical Screening Program

  • Chart Preparation Process: Focus on a streamlined proactive approach to the chart preparation process. When preanesthesia screening personnel are made aware of incomplete charts 48 hours before the patients’ scheduled procedure times, changes can be made to the surgery schedule. This advance management of the schedule reduces the need for crisis management on the day of surgery.

  • Program Staffing: Foster a collaborative team approach among perioperative program staff. Determine the optimum means by which you can gain buy-in from key team members (anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgeons). This buy-in helps to assure effective implementation of the new program processes.

  • Patient Education Plan: Understand that patients and their families must receive appropriate education about their specific procedures. Our consultants help clients to develop the tools they need to assure that all patients receive accurate information pertinent to their cases, at the appropriate level of detail and at the right time.

  • Positive Patient Experience: In response to patient feedback, identify and address areas where improvements would create a more positive patient experience. Expand hours of access effectively and design centralized space with attention to patient privacy, comfort, and efficiency. Enhanced web access to health screening documents and brochures helps to minimize surgical preparation time.

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