Capacity Management Planning

Managing the capacity of your operating room involves strategic forecasting of perioperative resources. Simply reorganizing these resources can help to achieve both annual operational and financial goals. We recommend that your plan include buy-in from both hospital executives and medical leadership, which helps to establish mutually agreed upon objectives and influence positive results. Success must be clearly defined and measurable, with complete transparency throughout the process.

Several factors must be considered in the plan, including:

  1. Size - How many rooms are you working with?

  2. Time - What are the hours of operation?

  3. Services - What services are offered and how should they be distributed?

  4. Priority - Who gets OR time and when?

  5. Resources - Which are available and how are they managed?

  6. Governance - Who manages capacity?

  7. Performance - What are the OR targets and how is the facility going to achieve them?

To learn more about how Sullivan manages OR Capacity, or to get more information on any of the other services that we offer, please contact our team below.

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