Chasing Turnover and Winning

Achieving fast turnovers has been a long-standing challenge for most hospital-based ORs. At the OR Manager Conference, we shared our success at Abbott Northwestern Hospital with our poster "Chasing Turnover and Winning." We started by examining these common problems at the 900+ bed quaternary teaching medical center:

  • Lengthy turnover times

  • Weak OR governance structure

  • Dissatisfied surgeons

  • Lack of role clarity during the turnover process

[Download the .PDF Poster]

Implementation included creating a multidisciplinary team, standardizing work for each turnover role, having the charge nurse identify turnover hot spots, addressing issues in real time, implementing an escalation tool, reporting metrics daily metrics, and analyzing weekly time segments. The results achieved at Abbott Northwestern Hospital resulted in improved metrics, satisfied surgeons, better coaching of staff, and cohesive and focused leadership. A new process was called "Turnover Recovery" was developed to mobilize resources and communicate with surgeons when a turnover is unexpectedly long.

Learn more about Sullivan's implementation support here or contact the Sullivan team today to find out how we can assist your OR.

Gerry Biala, MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM Senior Vice President Gerry Biala has expertise in optimizing the performance of all elements of surgical services and is highly skilled in facilitating and consolidating multiple departments and physician objectives into a unified plan to achieve desired results. He is the co-author of The Healthcare Executive’s Guide to Navigating the Surgical Suite, published by Sigma.

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